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ELE·EELS: \i-’lek -’ēls\ (electric eels)​​

​A revolutionary therapeutic massage gun.

Want to relieve, treat and prevent your muscular strains with the most revolutionary massage tool on the market?

The company’s founder and his professional team (including muscular functions expert Dr. Lau Cheung Kok, Korean materials expert Mr. Kim Hwan Dong, car engine expert Mr. Robert Li and technology director Kelvin Rey from California), have all experienced muscle pain themselves at one point in time. They have combined their collective expertise in their respective fields, and have jointly developed the ELEEELS “X Series” of products – the portable and convenient percussive massage gun. ELEEELS strives to bring the best for its customers by offering them practical benefits with our positively reviews and high quality product. Most importantly, we care about all of our customer’s well-being, and we aim to help treat, relieve and prevent their muscular aches and pains, by educating them with the frequent use of our revolutionary percussive massage devices. As a result, they can feel better, fitter, and healthier than ever before.

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