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ELE·EELS: \i-’lek -’ēls\ (electric eels)​​

Born of extensive, multi-faceted R&D, resulting in the development and application of cutting-edge innovations like advanced piston drive technology, precision ergonomic design as well as the latest in physiotherapy techniques, the engineers at ELEEELS have now unveiled the ground-breaking X-series sports science percussive massager that has revolutionised modern fitness technology.


Exclusively developed, high-quality materials and world-class workmanship combine to create the unit’s powerful, steady output while maintaining smooth, whisper quiet operation.  The epitome of design excellence, the X-series massager now offers an unparalleled, hi-tech experience that is redefining the future of the personal health industry.


Boasting an ingenious ergonomic design, each ELEEELS X-series massager is fitted with a patented flexible grip handle, making full-body massaging a breeze.  The pioneering and highly responsive sports and relaxation dual massage mode also satisfies the specific massage needs of all users under any circumstances or conditions.


ELEEELS products are uniquely crafted to prevent and treat muscle-related injuries while also strengthening and increasing muscle tone and flexibility.  As a respected health industry leader, we will continue to actively respond to the latest user needs to ensure the very finest massage experience.  ELEEELS wants you to always live life with dynamic passion and peak performance at work and when doing sports.

Know more about the science behind ELEEELS.

Be Energetic with ELEEELS

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