ELEEELS S2 Hot Stone Massage Wand Collection

  • The First Massage Tool of its Kind in the World- Masterpiece of engineering handcrafted by professionals.
  • Cordless Design- Take S2 with you anywhere! At home, the office or your garden.
  • 4 Heat Levels- 4 levels of adjustable heat levels (45 - 60 degrees Celsius) with precise temperature control.
  • Ready in 3-min- Your hot stone massage is ready in 3 minutes with the touch of a single button.
  • 3 Hours of Steady Heat- A powerful 6600 mAh li-ion battery for 3 hours of heat.
  • 7 Massage Skills- Thermal Treatment, Shiatsu, Tapotement, Hammering, Looping, Scraping and Sliding
  • Bian Stone- S2 is made from hand polished natural Bian stone steeped in thousand of years of traditional medicinal use.
  • 10 Benefits of S2- Trigger Point Release, Improved Circulation, Muscle Pain Relief, Create Intimacy, Boost Endorphins, Improve Sleep, Reduce Stress, Beauty & Slimming, Glowing Skin, Anti-aging

Variant: S2 Hot Stone Massage Wand Collection

S2 Hot Stone Massage Wand Collection
S2A Flat Hot Stone Massage Wand
S2B Precision Hot Stone Massage Wand

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Additional Information

S2 Hot Stone Massage Wand Collection, S2A Flat Hot Stone Massage Wand, S2B Precision Hot Stone Massage Wand


Enjoy muscle relaxation, deeper intimacy and a kick of endorphins anywhere, anytime with S2.


Seeking Intimacy?

Muscle Pian?

Pro Massage Made Easy

Hot Stone Massage Anywhere, Anytime



Ready in 3 minutes

7 Massage Methods

4 Heat Levels

3 Hours Steady Heat

Natural Bian Stone 

4 Heat Levels

4 levels of adjustable heat levels (45 - 60 degrees Celsius) with precise temperature control.

Cordless Design

Take S2 with you anywhere! At home, the office or your garden

Ready in 3-min

Your hot stone massage is ready in 3 minute with the touch of a single button.

3 Hours of Steady Heat

A powerful 6600 mAhli-ion battery for 3 hours of heat.

Heating Curve

Assume working in room temperature

Bian Stone

S2 is made from hand polished natural Bian stone steeped in thousands of years of traditional medicinal use.


Muscle - Enjoy a host of benefits you can actually feel

Trigger point release, Improved circulation and effective relief of neck, shoulder and back pain. Do you play sports? Refresh sore arms post workout, locked shoulder, a stiff back or a tight neck. You can even use it on your abdomen for instant relief from pains and cramps.

Mental - The benefits of S2 don’t stop with the physical

Using our product has noticeable effects on your state of mind, mood and intimacy. Enjoy everyday mind and body relaxation, spark intimacy and instant bonding with your partner, experience a boost of endorphins, improve sleep and melt away stress and anxiety with S2.

Beauty - Look and feel younger with S2

The S2 can help you get slimmer by breaking down stubborn cellulose under your skin through massage application. Your skin will look healthier through better blood circulation thanks to the far-infrared waves (8-14 μm) emitted by S2. In addition, the ultrasonic pulses (3708/per sec) created by S2 when in contact with skins can relieve blockage on the meridian and enhance microcirculation that will make your skin glow! And the negative ions produced by the Bian Stone as it scrapes against skin can help you look younger thanks to their anti-aging effect on cells.


"This hot stone set is basically the same as the one in the massage shop.I am very happy to have one. It makes hot stone massage so easy and accessible at home. The smooth stones, coupled with the ambient light console, make me feel very comfortable and relaxing."

Yvonne Sharis
S1 user

“Looks great and works perfectly!”

Apollo Okamura
KickStarter's Superbacker

“You could perform hot stone massage at home for your partner. My husband fell asleep in 5 minutes during my first hot stone massage performance.”

Meling Lam
Beauty Columnist

“One of my best purchases in 2022. The stones heat up in just a few minutes. These stones work wonders for back pain relieve. They are also great in relieving stomach and period cramps.”

Man Yee Luk
S1 User

Use S2 Anywhere

At Home



Personal Massage

Partner Massage

2 Wand Massage

Bian stone comprehensive therapy used in peri-operative period of induced abortion has a good promoting action on post operative rehabilitation.*

The Bian-stone therapy has obvious therapeutic effect on scapulohumeral periarthritis, with effects of analgesia, improving functional activity, and transient analgesia, and good long-term therapeutic effect.**

The occurrence of nanometre-sized calcite crystals is the most important mineralogical background accounting for the good thermal radiation property of the bian-stone. The common presence of nanometre-sized graphite enhances the thermal conductivity and heat-storing capability. The good pyroelectric property of pyrite, the good infrared absorption and reflection capability as well as the high photoelectricity transformation rate of anatase subordinately enhance the infrared radiation capability of the bian-stone.***

*Qing-zhen Ran, An-li Shi. Study on SHI's Bian stone comprehensive therapy for rehabilitation after induced abortion. 2009 Feb;29(2):103-5.

**Chang-qing Guo, Na Rui, Yan-gang Liu, Yun-xia Liu, Yan Sha, Guang-hao Ma. Multi-central randomized controlled observation on clinical therapeutic effect of the new Bian-stone therapy on scapulohumeral periarthritis. 2007 Sep;27(9):633-7.

***Xiande Xie, Fuya Wang, Zhenya Sun, Pui Leung Lo, Kit Chee Kong & Nanzhu Xie. Petrological and Mineralogical Studies of the Sibin Bian-Stone, a Material for Making Acupuncture Tools in Ancient China. DOI: 10.1007/978-3-642-27682-8_93.


Is it normal if the hot stone has slight variations?

Our hot stone is a natural product and has been hand polished as such contains slight variations in color, veining, texture, contour, or shading.

Should the massage oil be applied on the body or on the stone?

Massage oil mainly serves as lubricants.  It is fine to apply either on the body or the stone.

How much massage oil I should apply?

It depends on the massage techniques to be used.  In general, sliding or looping request more massage oil to allow the stone move freely on a bigger surface area.  Shiatsu, tapotement, or hammering may need minimal or even no massage oil.

When I could start to enjoy hot stone massage?

It is suggested that you could start enjoying hot stone massage after turning on the device for 3 minutes with the whole stone is evenly hot for optimal experience, though you could use it after 1 minute.

How to hold the hot stone massage wand?

Hold the massage wand in whatever comfortable position.  Press, turn, or swing the wand to enjoy hot stone massage.

How to clean the device?

Wipe the stone and the handle with damp clothes.  Add a minimal amount of detergent if necessary.

How to charge the device?

Flip over the black rubber cover carefully from downward side to unveil the USB-C charging port.  Please turn off the device while charging.

What is the usage time per one charge?

It is typically 1.5 hour to 3 hours.  It varies according to room temperature, temperature setting, temperature of the body, and application of the massage techniques.

What's Included

Technical Specifications

  • Charge: USB Type-CBattery: 6600 mAhRechargeable Li-ion
  • BatteryCharging Time: Approximately 4 Hours
  • Usage Time: 3 Hours per Use
  • Rated Power: 18WNo-Load Current: 10 μA
Download Instruction Manual