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Hot Stone Massage Wand Collection

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Proudly made by ELEEELS. The first massage tool of its kind in the world.

S2 is a masterpiece of engineering handcrafted by professionals. S2 is functional art.

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Award-winning Team

State-of-the-art Technology


Pro Massage Made Easy

Hot Stone Massage Anywhere, Anytime

"This hot stone set is basically the same as the one in the massage shop.I am very happy to have one. It makes hot stone massage so easy and accessible at home. The smooth stones, coupled with the ambient light console, make me feel very comfortable and relaxing."
Yvonne Sharis, S1 user

“Looks great and works perfectly!”
Apollo Okamura, KickStarter's Superbacker

“You could perform hot stone massage at home for your partner. My husband fell asleep in 5 minutes during my first hot stone massage performance.”
Meling Lam, beauty columnist

“One of my best purchases in 2022. The stones heat up in just a few minutes. These stones work wonders for back pain relieve. They are also great in relieving stomach and period cramps.”
Man Yee Luk, S1 user

As Seen On

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"I definitely feel stronger, It helps me perform better and run faster."

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"Bounce back from pain faster than ever."


"The world’s first twin head percussive massage device."


"Ultralett massasjeverktøy med ergonomisk håndtak" (Ultralight massage tool with ergonomic handle)

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"X1T se destaca"

(X1T stands out)

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"Die Muskelpistole ELEEELS arbeitet sehr geräuscharm geräuscharm"

(The ELEEELS muscle gun works very quietly)


"Create intimacy and with your partner, give her a hot stone massage to relax after a busy day"


"Your personal oasis"

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"An amazing vibration device"

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