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ELEEELS S2 Hot Stone Massage Wand Collection
  • ELEEELS S2 Hot Stone Massage Wand Collection

    $229.00 Regular Price
    $216.00Sale Price

    Pro Massage Made Easy

    1 Flat Hot Stone Wand
    + 1 Precision Hot Stone Wand
    + 1 bottle of Massage Oil


    The First Massage Tool of its Kind in the World - Masterpiece of engineering handcrafted by professionals.
    Cordless Design - Take S2 with you anywhere! At home, the office or your garden.
    4 Heat Levels - 4 levels of adjustable heat levels (45 - 60 degrees Celsius) with precise temperature control.
    Ready in 3-min - Your hot stone massage is ready in 3 minutes with the touch of a single button.
    3 Hours of Steady Heat - A powerful 6600 mAh li-ion battery for 3 hours of heat.
    7 Massage Skills - Thermal Treatment, Shiatsu, Tapotement, Hammering, Looping, Scraping and Sliding
    Bian Stone - S2 is made from hand polished natural Bian stone steeped in thousand of years of traditional medicinal use.
    10 Benefits of S2 - Trigger Point Release, Improved Circulation, Muscle Pain Relief, Create Intimacy, Boost Endorphins, Improve Sleep, Reduce Stress, Beauty & Slimming, Glowing Skin, Anti-aging

    Technical Specifications
    Charge: USB Type-C
    Battery: 6600 mAh Rechargeable Li-ion Battery
    Charging Time: Approximately 4 Hours
    Usage Time: 3 Hours per Use
    Rated Power: 18W