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Revival Hot Stone Spa Collection

Luxury Home Spa Made Easy

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Your Personal Oasis

- Revival Hot Stone Massage

- Aromatic and Light Therapy

Spa at Home.png

Spa at Home

Eight Hot Stones.png

Eight Hot Stones

Temperature Control.png

Temperature Control

Full Body Massage.png

Full Body Massage

Ambient Light Therapy.png

Ambient Light Therapy



Intimacy at your Fingertips.png

Intimacy at your Fingertips

Mind & Body Relaxation.png

Mind & Body Relaxation

Endorphin Boost.png

Endorphin Boost

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Spa at Home

The S1 Hot Stone Spa Collection is there to help you unwind, relax and recharge anywhere you are. Transform your home into an oasis, connect with ancient elements and timeless rituals. Hot stone treatment can relieve muscle tension, reduce stress levels and improve sleep quality. Find your personal getaway with the S1 Hot Stone Spa Collection right at home.

Eight Hot Stones

S1 Product Photo - 13.png

S1 comes with a total of 8 stones in 3 sizes to fit a wide range of therapeutic needs for your entire body

2 x Sacrum Stone (3.25 inches)
Designed for treatments on lower back (sacrum), abdomen (belly), or between shoulders

4 x Standard Stone (2.5 inches)
Designed for treatments on arms, thighs, calves, palm of hands, arch of feet and back of the neck

2 x Facial Stone (2 inches)
Designed for treatments on face, hands, arms, and neck




Made from Basalt - a Natural Volcanic Stone

S1 Product Photo - 14.png

Superior Heat Retention

S1 Product Photo - 14.png
S1 Product Photo - 14.png

Non Porous

Smooth Texture

S1 stones are made with basalt, a kind of volcanic rock with significant amounts of iron ore, magnesium, and silica that is perfect for hot stone therapy for its properties including non-porosity, smoothness, and most importantly the exceptional ability to retain heat and releasing it slowly for a long period of time. They are hand-polished to ensure you can enjoy the smoothest hot stone experience.

Temperature Control

S1 Product Photo - 15.png
S1 Product Photo - 15.png

S1 is ready for hot stone massage in 10 minutes, each stone monitors by an independent temperature sensor

Two heat levels 48˚C and 55˚C delivered by eight independent heater plates each with a dedicated heat sensor

S1 Model Photo - 7.jpg

Full Body Massage

The S1 Hot Stone Spa Collection is there to release your tension from head to toe. Use it by yourself simply by placing the stones on your bed and lie down or give your partner a relaxing massage and enjoy a romantic moment together.

Ambient Light Therapy

S1 Product Photo - 16.png


Intensity Levels

Lighting Modes

S1 features ambient lights with 7 colors, 3 intensity levels, and 3 lighting modes: solid, blink and wave.

Ambient light therapy can improve the quality of sleep, help with sleep disorders, ease depression symptoms and increase energy levels. The lights can also help you to immerse yourself in a relaxed, romantic environment when using the hot stones.

S1 Model Photo - 19.jpg


Aromatherapy has been around for thousands of years, and it was known to have many health benefits. We have created a special aromatic oil using premium herbs and botanicals with an unique sensory experience for using with S1.

It is made from natural essential oil from Australia, designed to be used as a massage oil when using hot stones. Apply a small amount on the skin can reduce friction, so that hot stones can easily glide over skin and provide a smoother and more pleasurable experience.

S1 Model Photo - 22.gif

Intimacy at your Fingertips

Create intimacy and bonding with your partner, give him/her a hot stone massage to relax after a busy day and deepens emotional connection together.

S1 Model Photo - 23.png

Mind & Body Relaxation

Ancient healing techniques to connect your mind and body and find balance, calmness, comfort and intimacy like you've never felt before with the S1 Hot Stone Set.

S1 Product Photo - 17.png

Endorphin Boost

Endorphin Level

Research has shown that massage could lower the levels of stress hormones and can boost endorphins. During hot stone massage, large amounts of endorphins are released into the bloodstream. The wearied and worried mind has been converted into the restful, placid, and refreshed mind.

Health Benefits

Relief Muscle Pain.jpg
Reduce Stress and Anxiety.jpg

Relief Muscle Pain

Reduce Stress and Anxiety

Improve Sleep.jpg

Improve Sleep

Boost Immunity.jpg
S1 Model Photo - 1.jpg

Boost Immunity

Improve Circulation

Relax Body and Mind

Hot Stone therapy offers a host of benefits including muscle pain relief, stress and anxiety reduction, improved sleep, immunity boosting, improved circulation, and body and mind relaxation.  Harness the healing power of lava stones and turn your living room into a luxurious spa with the S1 Hot Stone Spa Collection.

New Interpretation for Traditional Massage

3D Animation - 2a.jpg











  1. Console made of Heat Resistant Engineering Polysulfone (PSU) Plastic, laminated with Tough Polyurethane (PU) Wooden Patterns
  2. Hand Polished Natural Lava Stone
  3. Light Controller Touch Sensor Plate
  4. Homogenizing Film
  5. Lower Case made with Heat Resistant PSU Engineering Material
  6. Light Emitting Ring created by Laser Etching of the PU Layer and the Underneath Shading Plate
  7. Main Control Board
  8. Layer Board
  9. Independent Heat Sensor
  10. Heater Plate
S1 Heating Curve.jpg

Heating Curve

Heat Up

Keep Warm

High Heat

Low Heat

For those who
want medium heat

For those who want medium to high heat

For those who want high heat or non-skin contact use



Assume working in room temperature

Julia McEnroe.jpg

Julia McEnroe
University of Southern California
Registered Nurse

"As a registered nurse, I see so many benefits to having access to hot stones at home."

Jessica Underwood.jpg
MVMT Worx.png

Jessica Underwood
Licensed Chiropractor / Massage Educator

"Amazing as an accompaniment to traditional massage."

Myesha Taylor.jpg
Ritual Massage Therapy.png

Myesha Taylor
Ritual Massage Therapy
Massage Therapist

"Everyone needs to have one of these devices at home."

"This hot stone set is basically the same as the one in the massage shop.  I am very happy to have one. It makes hot stone massage so easy and accessible at home. The smooth stones, coupled with the ambient light console, make me feel very comfortable and relaxing."

Yvonne Sharis, S1 user

“Looks great and works perfectly!”

Apollo Okamura, KickStarter's Superbacker

“You could perform hot stone massage at home for your partner.  My husband fell asleep in 5 minutes during my first hot stone massage performance.”

Meling Lam, beauty columnist

Applying massage therapy by hot stone in hemodialysis patients (experience sleep disorders) may contribute in enhancing their quality of sleep.*

It became evident that the light and colour of the workplace itself also had an influence on the mood of persons working there. The use of good colour design might contribute to a more positive mood.**

Massage and aromatherapy massage can improve the sleep quality in cardiac patients.***


*Haleh Ghavami, Shams Aldin Shamsi , Behnam Abdollahpoor, Moloud Radfar, Hamid Reza Khalkhali.  Impact of hot stone massage therapy on sleep quality in patients on maintenance hemodialysis: A randomized controlled trial.  J Res Med Sci . 2019 Aug 28;24:71. doi: 10.4103/jrms.JRMS_734_18. eCollection 2019.

**Rikard Küller, Seifeddin Ballal, Thorbjörn Laike, Byron Mikellides, Graciela Tonello.  The impact of light and colour on psychological mood: a cross-cultural study of indoor work environments.  Ergonomics. 2006 Nov 15;49(14):1496-507. doi: 10.1080/00140130600858142.

***Nesa Cheraghbeigi, Masoud Modarresi, Mansour Rezaei, Alireza Khatony.  Comparing the effects of massage and aromatherapy massage with lavender oil on sleep quality of cardiac patients: A randomized controlled trial.  Complement Ther Clin Pract . 2019 May;35:253-258.

S1 Product Photo - 11.png


Sacrum Stones.png
Sacrum Stones.png

Facial Stone 2"

Sacrum Stones.png
Sacrum Stones.png
Sacrum Stones.png
Sacrum Stones.png

Standard Stone 2.5"

Sacrum Stones.png
Sacrum Stones.png

Sacrum Stone 3.25"

S1 Product Photo - 11.png

Massage Oil (100 ml)

S1 Product Photo - 11.png

Travel Adapter

S1 Product Photo - 19.png
S1 Product Photo - 20.png





S1 at a Glance

1) 8 hot stones made from basalt for heat therapy and hot stone massage
2) Ambient light therapy control
3) ON/OFF switch for temperature control
4) Charging port
5) Aromatherapy massage oil


Weight: 4.41 lbs. / 2 kg
Input: 240-100V 50/60Hz 1.5A
Output: 24.0V 2.0A 48.0W


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