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Eye Care Massager

Instant Refresh to Tired Eyes and Mind Relaxation

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Soft and Skin-Friendly Nano Silkin™ Lining
R6 icon 2.png
Graphene Heating
R6 icon 3.png
Air Acupressure
R6 icon 4.png
Vibration Massager
R6 icon 5.png
180° Foldable

Get Brighter Eyes


Soft and Skin-Friendly Nano Silkin Leather Lining
breathable, durable, comfortable to wear and easy to clean

R6 Pict 2.jpg

Built-in Heating Pads
warm up to a range of 38°C -42°C

R6 Pict 1.jpg

Smart Airbags
Equipped with professionally designed and strategically positioned smart airbags, targeting acupressure points

Four Massage Modes
with different combinations of graphene heating, air acupressure and vibration massage

Rejuvenation Mode
Acupressure + Heating + Natural Sound

R6 Graphic 1.png
R6 Graphic 3.png

Soothing Mode
Acupressure + Heating

Sleep Mode
Acupressure + Natural Sound

R6 Graphic 2.png

Vitality Mode
Acupressure + Heating + Vibration + Natural Sound

R6 Graphic 4.png
R6 Pict 5.jpg

Ergonomic 3D Suit Technology
designed for comfort and good fitting

R6 Pict 4.jpg

Built-in Soft Natural Sound
for relaxation and wireless smart connection to play your favourite music

- Lowers eye pressure, promotes blood circulation, relieves stress, and reduces headaches with acupressure massage
- Brightens eyes, improves sleep quality, relieves stress and anxiety after a long day of work or studies
- Relaxes eye muscles from prolonged use of smartphone or computer
- Gets rid of eye fatigue and swelling, lightens dark circles and prevents under-eye bags
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R6 at a Glance 

1) Soft and Skin-Friendly Nano Silkin™ Lining
2) Graphene Heating
3) Air Acupressure
4) Vibration Massager
5) USB-C charging port


- Product Size: 205 x 110 x 70 mm
- Product Weight: 318 g
- Operating Temperature: 0˚C to 45˚C
- Operating Time: up to 2 hours of use per charge
- Charging Port: USB-C
- Input: DC 5V/1A
- Battery Capacity: 1200 mAh
- Charging Time: 1.5 - 2 hours
- Rated Power: 5W

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