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Multi-Angle Lumbar Traction Device

Restores Natural S-shaped Curve of the Spine

Innovative Up and Down, Left and Right Traction
R4 icon 1.png
Dynamic Stretching
Vibration Massage
R4 icon 2.png
Hot Compress
R4 icon 3.png
Red / Blue Light Therapy
R4 icon 4.png
R4 icon 5.png
Low Frequency EMS Massage
R4 icon 6.png
2-Hour Battery Life

The normal spine has an S-shaped curve when viewed from the side. This shape allows for an even distribution of weight and flexibility of movement.

R4 helps to restore the natural S-shaped curve of the spin.


Game Changing Features of R4

R4 Pict 6.png

The First Lumbar Traction Device
enables up and down, left and right multi-angle traction through its independent dual airbags design

R4 Pict 3.png

Vibration Massage
with different frequencies

R4 Pict 1.png

3 Heat Levels
ranging from 42°C to 49°C 

Red Light / Blue Light
penetrate deeper into the waist

R4 Pict 2 Red.png
R4 Pict 2 Blue.png
R4 Pict 4.png

EMS Massage
10 levels of low frequency EMS massage penetrate 3-5cm into the muscles to release knots and trigger points


User-friendly Controller
with all functions at a glance

R3 Pict battery.png
R3 Pict battery.png

Dual Battery System
for 2-hour continuous use


Pushes the lumbar spine up and down to decompress the intervertebral disc, reduces lower backpain, and restores the natural S-shaped curve of the spine

Combines traction treatment with vibration massage, hot compress, red and blue light therapy, and EMS massage to enhance blood circulation, oxygen, and nutrient exchange among cells

Swings and twists the waist left and right to stretch the muscles, activates muscles and releases pressure on the lower back

Relieves lumbar strain that leads to stiffness and poor posture, and rapidly alleviates stiffness

Combined stretching and twisting more effective in tackling stiffness.


Applying stretching exercises on educational content are capable to betterment of mental health which result in realizing full potential coping with stress of life, increase the productivity of work and achieving educational goals.*

Sustained trunk axial twisting elicits significant trunk rotational creep. It causes the visual analog scale to have a significant increase, and causes erector spinae muscles to become active longer during anterior flexion as well as extension, which may be linked to the decrease of the tension ability of passive tissues in low back area, indicating a higher risk in developing low back pain..**

*FaridehSharififar, FroozanSharififar, Maryam Khademi. Report of Health Care The Effect of Stretching Exercises Education on Mental Health and Learning Strategies. 2018 Jul;3(4):25-30.

**XinhaiShan, XiaopengNing, ZhentaoChen, Meng Ding, WeifeiShi, ShulongYang. Low back pain development response to sustained trunk axial twisting. 2013 Sep; 22(9): 1972–1978

R4 at a Glance 

R4 Pict 5.png








1) Up and down, left and right multi-angle traction
2) Vibration massage
3) Hot compress
4) Red / blue light therapy
5) EMS massage
6) Controller
7) Charging port


- Product Size: 420 x 195 x 80 mm
- Product Weight: 1700 g
- Operating Temperature: 0˚C to 45˚C
- Operating Time: up to 1 -1.5 hour of use per charge
- Input: DC 5V/2A
- Battery Capacity: 2000 mAh
- Charging Time: 2.5 -3 hours
- Rated Power: 10W

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