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Knee Care

Knee Joint Care Solution

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Patented Design 

Why we need ELEEELS R1?

Arthritis is the swelling and tenderness of the joints.  The main symptoms of arthritis are joint pain and stiffness.  These pains are caused by the inflammation that occurs when the joints are injured.

R1 is great to treat the pain from arthritis.  Moreover, it can provide the strength to move the body, and reduce the inflammation to stop the development of the arthritis.

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R1 Vibration Massage.png

Vibration Massage

3 vibration modes to relax muscles and activate circulation

R1 Hot Compress.png

Hot Compress

Hot compression to reduce stiffness and keep the knees warm

R1 EMS.png

Electrical Muscle Stimulation

Stimulates muscular blood flow, enhances muscular strength, reduces muscle pain, and improves psychological recovery

R1 Model Photo - High Resolution.jpg

- Enjoys knee massage on both legs simultaneously
- Designed to fit the knees, shoulders and elbows
- Detachable and adjustable knee straps
- EMS pads for massaging other body parts

R1 Product Photo - High Resolution.png
R1 Product at a Glance - High Resolution






R1 at a Glance 

1. Main Device

2. Auxiliary Device

3. Control Display Panel

4. Heating pad

5. Vibrators


1. Adjustable Temperature 40°C - 70°

2. Vibration Frequency: 3000 rpm

3. Materials: ABS, TPU, EV

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