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Pocket Percussive


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Tough Rubber Jacket on Aluminium Alloy Body

Built Tough
For the Tough

Relax - On - The - Go

Delivery in 24-72 Hours 2 W.png
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Ultralight and Incredibly Powerful

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Full Metal Movement

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Portable and Ultralight

Fits perfectly into your pocket
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For Tough People

The World is a Playground

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The Unrivalled Partner

At only 360 grams with 6 hours of battery life per charge, it is your partner for wherever you go

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Uniquely Powerful and Portable
Our most handy massage gun
for powerful relief

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Everyday Relaxation
Relieves muscle tension, cramp, and knot

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Speedy Muscle Recovery

Anytime, Anywhere

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Aluminium Alloy Body
Durable and lightweight

Tough Rubber Jacket
Highly protective and shock-absorbing design for a no-slip grip

P2 outer jacket is made of Silicone rubber, which is a very stable polymer made from Silicon, Hydrogen, Oxygen and Carbon atoms.  It is non-reactive, non-sticky, and non-toxic.  It resists to oils, acids and can withstand in extreme environments and temperatures from −55°C to 300 °C. The material is also used in cooking, baking, and food storage products; sportswear and footwear; medical devices and implants, etc.

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Mini Piston Technology

Pocket size massage gun with full metal movement for incredibly powerful massage

38 mm Brushless Motor

High-torque and high-speed motor, delivers up to 50 strokes per second


- Delivers extraordinary benefits for speedy muscle recovery and everyday relaxation anytime, anywhere
- Encourages blood circulation and reduces lactic acid level
- Relieves muscle tension, stiffness and alleviates muscle soreness and pain
- Prevents muscle damage, and increases strength and flexibility
- Enhances sports performance, and prevents DOMS

4 Interchangeable Applicators

P2 ball.png

Major Muscle Groups

P2 fork.png

Neck and Back

P2 bullet.png

Joint and Acupuncture Point

P2 flat.png

All muscle parts


Speed settings

Level 1 (30 strokes per second)
Level 2 (37 strokes per second)
Level 3 (43 strokes per second)
Level 4 (50 strokes per second)

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  1. Durable and lightweight with aluminium alloy body inside (360 grams)

  2. High-torque and high-speed 38 mm brushless motor (delivers up to 50 strokes per second)

  3. Tough rubber jacket for a no-slip grip

  4. FOUR speed settings and FOUR applicators to fit a wide range of therapeutic and relaxation needs

  5. Rechargeable lithium-ion battery with 7.4V output voltage (up to 6 hours of use per charge)

  6. USB Type-C charging port (It is suggested to use an adapter supporting Type C (5V/2A) to fully charge in approximately 3 hours)

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