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The Smarter X4
Supports USB Type-C

Unrivalled Performance

Extremely Powerful, Quiet,
Incredibly Durable
Thanks to the extensive, multi-faceted research and development, ELEEELS X4 is extremely powerful, quiet, and incredibly durable. ELEEELS is the first name that successfully controlled and harnessed 3 opposing forces in the massage gun.

- Delivers extraordinary benefits for speedy muscle recovery
- Encourages blood circulation and reduces lactic acid level
- Relieves muscle stiffness and alleviates muscle soreness and pain
- Prevents muscle damage, and increases strength and flexibility
- Enhances sports performance

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Delivers Speedy Muscle Recovery

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Blood Circulation

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Lactic Acid Levels


Muscle Stiffness

Alleviates Muscle 

Soreness and Pains


Muscle Damage

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Increases Strength and Flexibility

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7 Major Features of ELEEELS X4

Supports Type-C QC 3.0, PD, AC Charger and Power Bank
- Charges anywhere and anytime
(It is suggested to use a USB Type-C adapter supporting QC9V/18W, PD9V/18W, or PD15V/30W to fully charge in approximately 3-4.5 hours)

Xtreme Power™ Engineering
- 13 mm vibration amplitude deep muscle therapy
- 55 mm diameter high-torque, high-speed proprietary brushless motor (delivers up to 50 strokes per second)

Eterno Quiet™ Motion Technology
- Hardened steel linear bearing by metallurgy techniques to keep noise at a minimum under prolonged operation
- Self-developed, extremely durable materials

Innovative 180° Twistable Handle
- Allows full body massage with various angle options

Pioneer 2 Operation Modes
- With Sports Mode to maximize sports performance beyond limit, and Comfort Mode to fit a wide range of therapeutic and relaxation needs

- Soft bone safe applicator particularly suitable for tender areas

Unique 62° Inclined Handle
- Covers multiple muscle groups

5 Interchangeable Applicators

X4 - Applicators.png


Suitable for tender areas


Suitable for all muscle parts




Suitable for back

Suitable for acupuncture point

Suitable for major muscle groups

3D Animation - Photo 4.jpg

Xtreme Power™


3D Animation - Photo 5.jpg

Eterno Quiet™

Motion Technology

ELEEELS X4 Amplitude
Others Massage Gun Amplitude
13mm Amplitude
x4 pict 1.jpg
With 30% greater amplitude, also means 30% faster punching speed, that would result in nearly 70% more energy.
x4 pict 2.jpg
x4 pict 3.jpg

The vibration therapy provided by ELEEELS massage device could stimulate the muscles, causing them to contract and relax. The benefits include: increases bone density and muscle strength, reduces muscle pain, alleviates stress, and boosts metabolism.  After a bout of eccentric exercise, a whole-body vibration training session was associated with reduced symptoms of delayed-onset muscle soreness when compared with no vibration training.  Maximal isometric and isokinetic voluntary strength loss, plasma creatine kinase level, pressure point threshold, and muscle soreness were less than in the control group*.

Vibration depending on its characteristic can affect the human body in specific way (e.g. change elasticity of blood vessels, improve blood flow to the peripheral circulation, enhance blood supply to the skin, stimulates lymphatic circulation, relieve pain, increase the elasticity of the tendons and fascia, increase muscle strength and flexibility, support metabolism, will improve mental health, relaxes whole organism etc.).”

*Atefeh Aminian-Far, MSc, PT, Mohammad-Reza Hadian, PhD, Gholamreza Olyaei, PhD, Saeed Talebian, PhD, and Amir Hoshang Bakhtiary, PhD (2011).  Whole-Body Vibration and the Prevention and Treatment of Delayed-Onset Muscle Soreness.  Journal of Athletic Training, 10.4085/1062-6050-46.1.43

* Ivan Uher, Alicja Pasterczyk, Monika Bigosińska and Milena Švedová (2018).  Vibration Therapy and Its Influence on Health.  Biomedical, Journal of Scientific and Medical Research, 10.26717/BJSTR.2018.06.001406


Revolutionary Intersection
of Physiotherapy
and Automotive
Engineering Technology

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Pioneer 2 Operation Modes, 6 Speed Settings

30% Longer Battery Life

Proprietary Brushless Motor

icon x4 a.png

Cordless and Lightweight (1.1 kg)

Innovative 180° Twistable Handle

5 Applicators: Dampener, Fork, Bullet, Flat, Round

State-of-the-Art Massager
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Operation Modes


Speed Settings

Sports Mode

Comfort Mode

Level 4 (30 strokes per second)

Level 5 (40 strokes per second)

Level 6 (50 strokes per second)

Level 1 (15 strokes per second)

Level 2 (20 strokes per second)

Level 3 (25 strokes per second)



X4 - Product Photo 2.png


X4 - Product Photo 2.png






​1) High-torque, high-speed brushless motor
(delivers up to 50 strokes per second)

2) Xtreme Power™ Engineering (13 mm
amplitude deep muscle therapy)

3) Eterno Quiet™ Motion Technology

4) +/- 6 speed agility control for optimal pressure

5) Speed level indicator


6) Rechargeable lithium-on battery
(up to 10 hours of use per charge, fully charge in approximately 3-4.5 hours by USB Type-C adapter supporting QC9V/18W, PD9V/18W, or

7) Battery level indicator

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