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ELEEELS R2 - Back Care SolutionR2 is a back care solution by ELEEELS, featuring dynamic stretching, vibration massage, thermal therapy, and electrical muscle stimulation.



- Two high-power 3000 rpm motors

- Ergonomically designed to fit body curves

- ABS & PC materials supporting more than 200 kg of weight

- EMS pads for massaging other body parts​



- Pushes lumbar spine up and down to decompress the intervertebral discs,

reduces pain, and moves the lumbar vertebrae continuously for posture correction

through dynamic stretching

- Relaxes muscle and activates circulation through vibration massage

- Relieves pain problems and soreness through thermal therapy

- Stimulates muscular blood flow, enhances muscular strength, reduces muscle

pain, and improves psychological recovery through EMS pads

S pads


- Weight: 1.5 kg

- Size: 40 x 22 x 2 cm

- Voltage: 12V DC

- Adjustable Temperature: 45C - 65C

- Vibration Frequency: 3000 rpm

- Materials: ABS, PC


Warranty: 1 year (valid in Hong Kong only)

(For oversea customers: These prices are exclusive of tax.)

ELEEELS Official Website: https://www.eleeels.com/


ELEEELS R2 - 腰背護理

R2​ELEEELS為您提供的腰背護理,包括動態氣壓伸展,振擊按摩,熱能治療,以及肌肉電流刺激 (EMS)



- 兩個高功率3000 rpm馬達

- 符合人體工學設計以適合身體曲線

- 採用ABSPC物料,能夠承受超過200 kg

- 配有肌肉電流刺激貼以按摩身體其他部位



- 推展腰椎令椎間盤減壓,減輕痛楚。以動態氣壓伸展連續推展腰椎,達到姿勢矯正的功效

- 以振擊按摩舒緩肌肉及促進血液循環

- 以熱能治療消除痛症及酸痛

- 以肌肉電流刺激貼刺激肌肉血液流量,提高肌肉強度,減少肌肉疼痛,以及改善心理復原



- 重量: 1.5 kg

- 尺寸: 40 x 22 x 2 cm

- 電壓: 12V DC

- 可調溫度: 45C - 65C

- 振動頻率: 3000 rpm

- 物料: ABS, PC


保養期: 1 (只適用在香港)

官方網站: https://www.eleeels.com/


ELEEELS R2 - Lumbar Traction Device