ELEEELS R1 - Knee Joint Care SolutionR1 is a knee joint care solution by ELEEELS, featuring vibration massage, hot compress, and electrical muscle stimulation.



- Enjoys knee massage on both legs simultaneously

- Designed to fit the knees, shoulders and elbows

- Detachable and adjustable knee straps

- EMS pads for massaging other body parts​



- 3 vibration modes to relax muscles and activate circulation

- Hot compression to reduce stiffness and keep the knees warm

- EMS pads to stimulate muscular blood flow, enhances muscular strength, reduces muscle pain, and improves psychological recovery



- Weight: 1 kg

- Size: 26 x 20 x 13 cm

- Voltage: 12V DC

- Adjustable Temperature: 40C - 70C

- Vibration Frequency: 3000 rpm

- Materials: ABS, TPU, EVA


Warranty: 1 year (valid in Hong Kong only)

(For oversea customers: These prices are exclusive of tax.)

ELEEELS R1 - Knee Care Device

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