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ELEEELS M1 Electrical Muscle Stimulation Massager
  • ELEEELS M1 Electrical Muscle Stimulation Massager

    $64.00 Regular Price
    $49.00Sale Price

    ELEEELS M1 Electrical Muscle Stimulation Massager, a single massager to provide 3 benefits, including pain relief, full body massage, and muscle building.


    5 Modes of M1:

    Integrated - Integrates four massage modes to allow you to enjoy a full range of therapeutic and relaxation needs in one therapy.

    Soothing - Soothes tension, relieves pain, effectively relieves tension in deep muscle, and promotes circulation.

    Calming - Calms down, reduces stress, and relieves tension.

    Kneading - Imitates the kneading action of human hands to relieve fatigue and relieves muscle tension.

    Shiatsu - Imitates Japanese Shiatsu, by pressing the acupoints of the human body to promote metabolism.


    Massage Mode:

    Integrated (Blue LED Light)

    Soothing (Purple LED Light)

    Calming (White LED Light)

    Kneading (Yellow LED Light)

    Shiatsu (Pink LED Light)


    Warranty: 1 year (valid in Hong Kong only)

    (For oversea customers: These prices are exclusive of tax.)


    Each set consists of M1 and a pack of M1P(Extra 3 Replacement Pads) .