The Movement Mechanism

ELEEELS X Series Percussive Massage Gun is different from other massage machines. While others may use eccentric wheels to produce only weak stroke vibration, we use a piston engine, which is the type of engine in motor vehicles, to produce a wave that travels deep down into muscle tissue due to the high-speed rotating movement. Therefore, the ELEEELS device can be operated with very little noise, and it doesn't cause vibration that tire out your arms just by holding it. The smooth and powerful rotation movement produced by the ELEEELS device can reach affected muscles and achieveauthentic relaxation and therapeutic results.

Quiet Motion Technology™

Other massage guns may produce annoying rumbling and noises due to the motor's motion which affect users' experience. But not the ELEEELS device. The CNC piston in the brushless motor of the ELEEELS massage gun is designed with high accuracy, acting in harmony with the sophisticated linear bearings, which effectively reduces unnecessary noise. The Motion Balance mechanism produces only a back and forth motion and reduces the swinging motion at the same time. Sturdy Nylon outer case prevents acoustic resonance from taking place. Each bolt is encased with shockproof adhesive. That's why the ELEEELS massage gun is ultra-quiet when operating and offers a supreme user experience. 

The Materials

Outer case

We only use high-quality of special materials for the product. The outer case is made of nylon, ensuring that our product is sturdy, solid and durable.

Brushless motor

The high-speed brushless motor is manufactured by Japan company, and can run as long as 20,000 hours.

Cooling mechanism

During operation, the cooling mechanism encourages air convection so as to decrease the motors' temperature. Therefore our product is more durable.

Linear Bearing and piston

The linear bearing is made of Polyoxymethylene (POM), offering high stiffness, low friction and excellent dimensional stability. The piston is made of high hardness alloy metal, and is then processed under CNC machining. This is why the ELEEELS device is more durable than others.