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Cordless Air Compression Leg Massage Device


Feel the Freedom of Physiotherapy

Wearable Technology

Cordless Massage

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Portable, Cordless, and Lightweight Massage
Your Best Companion

Portable utilization for use in bus, office, at home; before and after sports


Common Symptoms of People Living in Cities

Leg Pain

Cardiovascular Disease and Varicose Veins

due to prolonged standing and sitting

Why ELEEELS A1 is Needed?

Gravitational forces significantly affect venous return, cardiac output, and arterial and venous pressures.  Our legs have the worst circulation in the body.  To make things worse, long hours of sitting, walking, running, and standing put further pressure on the feet and legs, which would lead to fatigue, tightness, soreness, varicose veins, and other diseases.


ELEEELS A1 helps to massage your calf muscle, grips and kneads your ankles and heels, squeezes your feet, and grins your shins.  With A1, leg pain and other related diseases can be a thing of the past with just 10 minutes of treatment.

A1 - Blood Flow
A1 - Calf, Ankle, Plantar




Massage for: Calf, Ankle and Plantar

- Relaxes your legs, and be energetic
- Enhances sports performance, and increases muscular flexibility 
- Hand-free rehabilitation tools for recovery from muscular strains
- Reduces lymphatic swelling, and prevents varicose veins and leg cramps
- Accelerates vein and lymph backflow, promotes circulation, and enhances metabolism
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Massages calf muscle to relieve fatigue and improves circulation

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Grips and kneads your ankles and heels to push circulation flow upwards through your whole calf

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Provides rhythmic air compression to strongly squeeze your feet for ultimate relaxation

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Grips your shins to relieve pain

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- 3 individual air bags to deliver powerful and extraordinary massage experience
- 6 massage zones and 3 different massage modes to cover a wide range of therapeutic and relaxation needs
- Simulates the massage techniques of human's hands
- Prolonged battery life with up to 3 hours of usage time
- With Velcro straps, adjustable to fit for calf sizes between 26-50 cm

- Supports USB Type-C, charges anywhere and anytime

- Built-in curved modules fit calves contour perfectly, and provides extra comfort while in use
- All-in-one user-friendly smart controller
- Innovative Design: Cordless device offers freedom of movement, not to get entangled by cable

- Wearable technology with fashionable and trendy style

- Hands-free massage for you to enjoy massage while standing, sitting, or moving around
- Super quiet operation with zero disturbance


3 Different Massage Modes

Rapid: 10-minute massage

treatment focusing on massaging calf muscle for rapid fatigue relief and improved circulation

Gentle: 20-minute massage

treatment focusing on relaxing the muscle and body comfortably

Dynamic: 15-minute massage treatment focusing on calf muscle and plantar massage, and relaxation in the same treatment




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1. All-in-one Smart Controller

​2. 6 Massage Zones

​3. Effective Air Pressure: 20 kPa - 60 kPa

​4. 3 Individual Air Bags

​5. 2000 mAh Lithium-ion Battery (up to 3 hours of use per charge)

​6. With Velcro straps, adjustable to fit for calf sizes between 26-50 cm

​7. 2 Power Levels (High, Low)

​8. 3 Massage Modes for Optimal Pressure (Rapid: 10 mins, Gentle: 20 mins, Dynamic: 15 mins)

​9. Cordless and Lightweight (500 g per piece)

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